Each Atomic Aborption that we sell undergoes a thorough check and refurbishment process. This process is defined in six categories; Safety, Gas handling, Optics, Electronics, Mechanisms, & Analytical performance. Some of the details are listed below to give a taste of what is involved. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Change all O-rings and seals in the nebuliser, nebuliser block, spray chamber and burner.
  • Check that all interlocks and micro switches function properly.
Gas Handling
  • Inspect the spray chamber and its gas connections for leaks.
  • Inspect all gas hoses for wear. Leak check all fittings both inside and outside the instrument.
  • Check that acetone has not entered the instrument gas manifold.
  • Check that external optical surfaces are clean.
  • Using wavelength scan, check that the instrument will calibrate on specific spectral lines.
  • Record wavelength accuracy and gain settings. Check D2 performance.
  • Check all diagnostic LEDs for correct display of instrument function.
  • Check power supply voltages, in-built diagnostics, cables, and circuit boards.
  • Exercise solenoids and all motor drives over the full range.
  • Check burner adjuster controls.
Analytical Performance
  • Run real standard solutions with flame, optimise and report performance.